Inslee nominee to Housing Finance Commission convicted of domestic violence

Feb 14, 2019

Senate Democrats unanimously pass nomination out of committee despite knowing nominee lied about his record

OLYMPIA…Senate Republican leadership issued the following statement in response to a unanimous vote by Senate Democrats in the Senate Housing Stability and Affordability Committee to pass Noe Castillo’s gubernatorial nomination out of committee, despite a conviction for domestic violence and a second conviction for assault.

Castillo, nominated by Gov. Inslee for a spot on the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, only disclosed one of his assault convictions to the Public Disclosure Commission. Upon discovering the additional conviction and the inaccuracy on his application to the governor’s office, the chair of the Senate Housing Stability and Affordability Committee was notified. The only action taken was the unanimous Democrat vote for Mr. Castillo’s nomination to proceed.

“I have zero tolerance for someone who abuses his wife,” said Senate Republican Leader Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville. “Even though the chair of the committee was told of Mr. Castillo’s omission and the nature of his crime, the committee continued with the confirmation process. Absolutely unacceptable. His rap sheet and his deception should automatically disqualify him from a gubernatorial nomination. And I’m even more disappointed in the governor for his poor judgment.”

Mr. Castillo’s record was discovered upon review of his Washington State Patrol WATCH Rapsheet, which details two convictions for assault-4. The first was in 2001. The second was in 2005. It was the second conviction where the victim was Castillo’s wife and the nature of the assault was ‘domestic violence.’ According to police records, Castillo was given a year in jail, a year of community supervision and a $500 fine. The court also ordered him to have no contact with his wife.

However, on his application to the governor, Mr. Castillo only lists one assault conviction.

“If public officials are held to a higher standard, so too are the governor’s nominees for positions like a seat on the Housing Finance Commission,” said Senate Republican Caucus Chair Randi Becker, R-Olympia. “His nomination should have been withdrawn the second the domestic violence conviction came to light. How can the governor and the Senate Democrats claim to fight for women and victims when they elevate convicted abusers to higher office?”