People feel unsafe in their communities as crime, drug use and mental illness soar.


In a joint effort with House Republicans, Senate Republicans rolled out a package of legislation designed to fix many of the wrongs that have resulted from the Democrats’ anti-police bills and others that threaten your public safety.

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With a fervor fed by nationwide protests, the majority in the Washington State Legislature pushed a police reform agenda that is proving to be unworkable and dangerous. Law enforcement agencies across the state have spoken out recently to shed light on how the new laws are making protecting the public difficult and, in some cases, impossible.

Our communities are at risk and Washingtonians are only now realizing what the Senate Republican Caucus has been saying throughout 2020: Majority Democrat policies are jeopardizing your safety.

To learn more, follow the links below to read the legislation, watch floor speeches where members of the Senate Republican caucus argue against the bills, listen to audio clips and read articles and opinion pieces appearing in recent news sources.

For more clarification on what the new laws mean, read the following resource from local law enforcement:

Eatonville Police Department’s report on legislative police reform

Read what our constituents are saying.

Read joint Republican leadership statements: 

Released Aug. 11, 2021:

Republican leaders call for special session to fix confusing, controversial police reform bills

Democrat sponsor of bills admits fixes necessary

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Released July 23, 2021:

Wilcox and Braun call on Democrats and governor to fix the problems created by controversial police-related bills

Republicans warned House Bill 1310 and House Bill 1054 would make communities less safe, offered amendments that were rejected

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PODCAST: The Elephant in the Dome

The Senate Republican leader is calling on Democrats to fix problems created by controversial police-related bills. Law enforcement, EMTs, and others are concerned about the legislation passed by Democrats. July 29, 2021

Legislation with audio & video clips:

HB 1054: Police tactics and equipment

Senators Fortunato, Ericksen, King, Holy, McCune, J. Wilson and Sheldon 

HB 1310: Use of force by law enforcement and correctional officers

Senators Schoesler, Holy, Ericksen, King, Honeyford, Warnick, J. Wilson, L. Wilson, Muzzall

SB 5051: State oversight and accountability of police officers

Sen. Mike Padden, 4th LD

Sen. Ron Muzzall, 10th LD

Sen. Jeff Holy, 6th LD


SB 5476: Addressing the State v. Blake decision on the legalization of hard drugs

Senate Republican Leader John Braun, 20th LD

Sen. Mike Padden, 4th LD

Audio clip: Sen. Mike Padden pushes for action on Blake decision decriminalizing drugs


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