Surprise! Majority looks to abdicate a basic role of the legislative branch

Published on January 13, 2021
I can’t tell you how many people contacted my Senate office during the past nine-plus months about the unprecedented actions Governor Inslee has taken since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them, using words that made their frustration or desperation obvious, asked what legislators could do regarding the dozens of proclamations he’s made since... Read More

Braun says new Senate rules severely limit access to democracy

Published on January 11, 2021
OLYMPIA…After an historic day in the Washington State Legislature where changes to the rules were adopted to allow for the 2021 Legislative Session to continue remotely, Senate Republican Leader John Braun, R-Centralia, released a statement. Braun said he’s disappointed that majority Democrats refused to bend on new Senate operating rules for the 2021 legislative session... Read More

Honeyford bill to extend Invasive Species Council into 2032 wins unanimous Senate approval

Published on March 02, 2021
Today the Senate unanimously approved a measure sponsored by Sen. Jim Honeyford to change the expiration date of the Washington State Invasive Species Council from June 30, 2022, to June 30, 2032. “In addition to being one of the most 2020 of all 2020 stories, the arrival of murder hornets into Whatcom County is a... Read More

Senate passes Brown’s bill to create industry-siting program

Published on February 26, 2021
Measure is a smart way to bring industry and environmentalists together, says sponsor Today, the Senate voted 47-0 to approve Sen. Sharon Brown’s legislation to establish an innovative statewide industrial-siting coordination program. “Industrial symbiosis addresses critical needs – the need of industrial business to reduce costs and increase profitability, and the public need to improve... Read More
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