Sexual assault victims better protected under plan passed by Senate

Published on February 03, 2016
Victims of sexual assault seeking protection orders would get increased protections under legislation sponsored by Sen. Steve Litzow, passed today by the Washington State Senate. The proposal would allow courts to set longer terms instead of the current maximum of two years and reduces burdens to continue existing orders. “This legislation is a huge step... Read More

2016 a Year to Build on Results

Published on January 07, 2016
This post originally appeared in Exit 105, the leadership blog of the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus. In a short time, we begin a legislative session in which anything can happen – more true in 2016 than in most years. The key thing to remember is that, at least on the Senate side, we will hold... Read More

Governor’s budget plan doesn’t deal with realities of writing a budget

Published on December 17, 2015
In response to a supplemental budget proposal offered by Washington’s governor this morning, Sen. Andy Hill, the Senate’s chief budget writer and chair of the Ways and Means Committee, provided this response: “We’ve been waiting four years for the governor to produce a balanced budget — I guess we’re going to have to keep waiting.... Read More

Sen. Roach honored for work to protect children from internet-based crimes

Published on October 05, 2015
Washington’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force today honored Sen. Pam Roach for securing state funding that will let the organization target more of the sex criminals who use the internet to prey on children. “ICAC needed more resources to hire more investigators to go after those who create and trade online in child sex-abuse... Read More

Schoesler named ‘Legislative Champion’ by Washington Association of Realtors

Published on September 22, 2015
Schoesler, R-Ritzville, is a co-winner of the award with Sen. Andy Hill of Redmond, the Senate majority’s budget chief. They helped lead the Legislature to adopt a new 2015-17 operating budget which is balanced without general tax increases that would have hit Main Street employers and family-level investors. Read More

Senate majority makes college more affordable with historic tuition cuts

Published on July 27, 2015
Senate Majority leader Mark Schoesler recaps the news coverage of an historic session: ‘Historic’ tuition cut sets state apart from rest of U.S. Seattle Times, June 13, 2015 Washington’s move isn’t well-known elsewhere in the country, but some say it could spur other states to think about cuts. “I don’t know how widely known this proposal... Read More