Power Washington

Sensible solutions for our energy future
Keeping the lights on and costs down

A comprehensive energy plan that offers fair and reliable solutions to benefit all Washingtonians


It’s time for better energy policies in Washington state. Our Power Washington plan is the first
step on a path toward a more reasonable approach.

For too long, the people of Washington have borne the costs of unachievable, politically motivated,and unaffordable policies that have given us bigger energy bills, less energy security, and little environmental improvement. Record gas prices, a threatened power grid, and energy inflation are the result.

In this plan, we offer new pragmatic and equitable solutions that will benefit all Washingtonians.

The Power Washington plan includes proposals that aim to meet seven goals

Help people access different kinds of alternative vehicles, such as hybrids and hydrogen

  • Incentivize passenger and commercial hybrid-vehicle adoption.
  • Promote hydrogen fuel as an additional alternative option.
  • Allow state agencies to purchase vehicles that best suit their needs.


Preserve, improve, and expand Washington’s clean hydropower system

  • Build and upgrade hydropower facilities to meet the state’s clean energy goals.
  • Keep Washington’s dams in good shape.
  • Show support for the four federal dams on the lower Snake River.
  • Find practical ways to support endangered fish and other species.

Enable the capture of carbon and invest in Washington’s working forests and natural resources to maximize carbon absorption

  • Prioritize capturing carbon.
  • Invest in Washington’s forest health to control wildfires.
  • Replant burned areas and actively manage forests.

Slash high fuel prices for drivers

  • Put a cap on cap-and-tax.
  • Track the price impacts of fuel standards.
  • Untie a key fuel tax from inflation.

Ensure that the transition to new energy technology is environmentally responsible

  • Restore local review for solar and wind-farm projects.
  • Require wind turbine blades to be recycled.
  • Establish a greater understanding of the lifetime impacts of vehicle batteries.
  • Jump-start the recycling program for solar panels.

Shore up the state’s electric grid to keep providing affordable and reliable power

  • Create more flexibility for meeting emissions goals.
  • Stick with one electricity requirement, not many different requirements.
  • Embrace local “in-house” energy solutions.
  • Promote the manufacturing and use of advanced nuclear technology.

Keep energy costs low so people can be secure in their homes and businesses

  • Provide energy relief for vital community services.
  • Encourage affordable and reliable natural gas heat at home.
  • Empower people by removing limits on the types of appliances they can buy.