Protect parents’ right to know


For many years, parents have been increasingly excluded from the review and selection of curriculum taught in public schools. The Legislature has had more influence over what local school districts teach the kids across Washington than parents and local school boards. Some of the information being taught is value-based or may be considered age-inappropriate for some age groups. But majority Democrats continue to push for less parental oversight and input, and more state-mandated curriculum taught without parental notification.

The argument we see time and again is that parents are often behind the times or operate based on outdated information or morally wrong values — that only the Legislature should be allowed to determine what children are taught.

More than 400,000 people from both sides of the political aisle disagreed with that argument when they signed Initiative 2081. They think the Legislature is overstepping its bounds. They want to raise their children their way. And they wan to contribute to the discussion around what is being taught in Washington’s public schools.

Senate Republicans have offered a Parents’ Bill of Rights to address this Legislative disdain and disrespect for the role of parents in their children’s lives.

We also call for majority Democrats to grant I-2081, and the other five initiatives, a hearing. It is the Legislature’s constitutional and moral duty to prioritize initiatives before the Legislature above all other business except budget-related bills, and ignoring this is a dereliction of duty.

If given the opportunity this session, Senate Republicans will support I-2081.



“As you well know, I am a strong advocate for parental rights in our state. After three years of running my parental rights bill, I chose to step back and allow the citizens of our state speak to this issue. With over 400,000 signatures signed onto Initiative 2081, I believe they have done just that.

“The constitutional language that puts priority on initiatives should be enough to get I-2081 a hearing. Also, this initiative also stands out from the others before us in that it would not repeal an unpopular tax or an unworkable public-safety policy. Instead, it is broadly about a more open approach to operating our public schools, and helping parents gain access to important information that is either inconvenient or seems impossible to get.”

Sen. Perry Dozier

16th Legislative District


Sen. Perry Dozier calls for hearing on Initiative 2081

Sen. Shelly Short says Initiative 2081 is all about protecting the child-parent relationship

Call to Action

Tell the Senate Democrat majority leader to give I-2081 and the other five initiatives a hearing

Tell the Senate Democrat majority leader to allow legislators to do their constitutional and moral duty.

Grant a hearing to I-2081 and the other five initiatives before the Legislature.