Governor signs Padden bill raising penalty for custodial sexual misconduct

Published on March 30, 2023
A bipartisan bill, sponsored by 4th District Sen. Mike Padden, that aims to impose longer sentences on sexually abusive jail and prison guards was signed today by Gov. Jay Inslee after receiving unanimous approval by the Legislature this session. The law created by Senate Bill 5033 reclassifies the crime of first-degree custodial sexual misconduct, (in... Read More

Padden bill to increase penalty for drug possession receives committee hearing

Published on February 06, 2023
The Senate Law and Justice Committee held a public hearing today on a bill introduced by 4th District Sen. Mike Padden that aims to reverse the alarming trend in fentanyl use and fentanyl-related deaths in Washington. Padden’s measure, Senate Bill 5035, would make possession or use of illegal drugs like fentanyl, methamphetamine and heroin a... Read More

Republican legislators prioritize policing, public safety, and corrections in ‘Safe Washington’ Plan

Published on January 05, 2022
Washington state House and Senate Republicans today unveiled their common-sense solutions to the public safety crisis ravaging communities and destroying lives across the state. “During the last legislative session, the majority dropped the ball on public safety,” said Sen. Mike Padden, R-Spokane Valley, ranking member of the Senate Law and Justice Committee. “Democrats removed critical... Read More


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