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SRC On Air: Sen. Phil Fortunato on The Lars Larson Show

By tracyellis | Published on May 24, 2023

Sen. Phil Fortunato talks to Lars Larson about Gov. Insleeā€™s veto of the budget proviso that would have required the state to notify residents when sexually violent predators are placed in their communities.

Emotional speeches on new hard drug possession law and Governor Inslee vetoes accountability

By tracyellis | Published on May 19, 2023

The state Legislature passed a bill in a special session that the Governor signed into law making hard drug possession a gross misdemeanor with the goal of getting people who suffer from substance abuse disorder into treatment. Two state Senators, Republicans John Braun and Ron Muzzall, spoke on the bill, not just as lawmakers, but also as uncles.

Governor Jay Inslee vetoed several budget provisos that would have improved government accountability. Senators Braun and Phil Fortunato react.