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AUDIO: Padden believes drug-possession bill passed by Legislature not strong enough to deal with state’s drug crisis

By tracyellis | Published on May 16, 2023
Official portratit photo of Senator Mike Padden for a post about switching to standard time

A state Senator says the hard drug-possession bill passed by the Legislature in a special session isn’t strong enough to deal with the state’s drug crisis.

The legislation made possession a gross misdemeanor.

Senator Mike Padden, the ranking Republican on the Senate Law and Justice Committee, says the threat of a felony is more likely to persuade drug offenders to undergo treatment.

The Spokane Valley Republican says the punishment under the measure is basically a hybrid between a gross misdemeanor and a misdemeanor – not an effective deterrent for offenders.

Padden says, while he’s glad the legislature passed some sort of law to increase penalties, this doesn’t go far enough to be effective.

SRC On Air: Sen. John Braun on KVI Radio’s Ari Hoffman Show

By tracyellis | Published on May 03, 2023
Washington State Senator John Braun with a radio background

Sen. John Braun talks to KVI Radio’s Ari Hoffman about the upcoming special session to create penalties for hard drug possession and the new police pursuit law.

AUDIO: Hawkins issues statement on special session

By tracyellis | Published on 

Governor Inslee is bringing state lawmakers back to Olympia for a special session to address the state’s drug possession law.

An East Wenatchee legislator says it’s the right call.

Tracy Ellis reports.

AUDIO: Senate Republican leader cautious about drug-law special session

By tracyellis | Published on May 02, 2023

A special session to create a state law that increases penalties for the possession of hard drugs is scheduled for May 16th.

Senate Republicans say they’re ready to do their part.

Tracy Ellis has more.

AUDIO: Republican leaders: Call special session to repeal long-term care tax

By tracyellis | Published on December 22, 2021

Republican legislative leaders are calling for a special session to repeal the long-term care payroll tax before collections begin.

Tracy Ellis explains.