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AUDIO: 20th District Legislative Update

By tracyellis | Published on March 09, 2023

Listen to this 20th District Legislative Update with Sen. John Braun

Topic: Senate passage of a police pursuit reform bill that would allow law enforcement to chase suspects in more instances

VIDEO: Sen. Shelly Short Legislative Update

By tracyellis | Published on February 21, 2023

Sen. Shelly Short discusses the Legislature’s enormous conflict over police-pursuit legislation — the devastating effect of the Legislature’s two-year ban on police pursuits, the resistance of Democratic leaders to sensible solutions, the political ideology behind the conflict, and the showdown we can expect on the Senate floor if nothing changes.

SRC On Air: Sen. Shelly Short on KPQ Radio in Wenatchee

By tracyellis | Published on February 16, 2023

Sen. Shelly Short on KPQ radio talking about bills to restore the ability of police to chase suspects, create affordable housing by changing the Growth Management Act, and clarify the role of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

VIDEO: Senate Republican Leader John Braun talks about police pursuits and hard drug possession

By tracyellis | Published on February 09, 2023

Republicans continue to try to get Democrats to allow bills to move forward that would change the current standard for police pursuits from “probable cause” to “reasonable suspicion.” Also a priority this session is addressing the law around drug possession — fixing the fix to the Blake decision that effectively legalized hard drugs.

SRC On Air: Sen. Mark Schoesler on The Commute with Carlson on KVI Radio

By tracyellis | Published on January 18, 2023

Sen. Mark Schoesler talks to KVI Radio’s John Carlson about how fuel prices are already climbing because of Democrats’ new environmental laws and legislation to fix the flawed Democrat police pursuit law.

AUDIO: As fallen Everett Police officer is remembered, retired officer/current Senator says legislators need to pay attention

By tracyellis | Published on April 04, 2022

On the day of the memorial service for a fallen Everett police officer, a retired member of law enforcement, who’s now a state Senator, says legislators need to act.

Tracy Ellis explains.