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SRC On Air: Sen. Jeff Wilson on The Lars Larson Show

By tracyellis | Published on April 14, 2023

Sen. Jeff Wilson talks to Lars Larson about the Lewis and Clark bridge over the Columbia River in Longview and a bill that could remove parents from the health care decision-making process for their kids.

AUDIO: 19th District Legislative Update

By tracyellis | Published on March 02, 2023

Listen to this 19th District Legislative Update with Sen. Jeff Wilson

Topics: Topics: Bills that threaten the rights of parents and create ergonomic rules that overturn the will of voters

SRC On Air: Sen. Shelly Short on KPQ Radio in Wenatchee

By tracyellis | Published on 

Sen. Shelly Short on KPQ radio talking about bills that change the Growth Management Act, threaten the rights of parents, craft new ergonomic rules that overturn the will of voters, and create a domestic violent extremism commission.