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SRC On Air: Sen. Doug Ericksen on KGMI radio in Bellingham

By tracyellis | Published on April 13, 2021

Sen. Doug Ericksen talks with Mike Davis on the KGMI Morning News about what he calls the Democrat’s radical partisan push to raise taxes, decrease freedom and attack police officers.

He also discusses so-called anti-racism training and discrimination against conservatives on college campuses.

SRC On Air: Sen. Doug Ericksen on KTTH’s Jason Rantz Show

By tracyellis | Published on April 02, 2021

Sen. Doug Ericksen talks with KTTH’s Jason Rantz about the Senate Democrat’s budget, the income tax on capital gains, criminal justice reform, the State Supreme Court ruling decriminalizing drug possession and more.

SRC On Air: Sen. Doug Ericksen on KIRO Radio

By tracyellis | Published on February 28, 2021

State Senator Doug Ericksen recently questioned a state Department of Ecology representative over Gov. Jay Inslee’s billion-dollar cap and trade proposal, and joined the Dori Monson Show on KIRO Radio to discuss.

VIDEO: Sen. Doug Ericksen proposes amendment to safely reopen economy

By tracyellis | Published on February 10, 2021

The state legislature passed a bill to appropriate $2.2 billion in COVID federal funding to schools, healthcare, housing, businesses and more.

Senate Republicans offered several amendments to make it better, including one from Sen. Doug Ericksen that would have allowed businesses like restaurants and gyms to safely reopen.

Democrats defeated the motion on a procedural technicality.

Later, Ericksen spoke before final passage of the bill.

SRC On Air: Sen. Doug Ericksen on KVI’s Commute with Carlson

By tracyellis | Published on 

Sen. Doug Ericksen joins KVI’s John Carlson to condemn violence and examine the anger from Trump supporters. He points to dysfunction in voting among swing states. He also talks about how the Legislature is locking out the public.