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Supreme Court Ruling on capital-gains income tax and the Senate operating budget

By tracyellis | Published on March 24, 2023

The Senate Republican budget leader has a warning for taxpayers after the State Supreme Court backed a capital-gains income tax, but she’s also applauding a proposed state budget from Senate Democrats because of no new taxes and investments in things like public safety and education.

VIDEO: Senate Republican Leader John Braun shares Senate budget details that meet Republican priorities

By tracyellis | Published on 

The Senate released its capital and operating budget proposals this week. Several things in those proposals apply to Republican priorities. This includes money for a training commission for law enforcement, a record amount of money for housing, millions for school construction, $70 million to help make up our students’ learning loss, and $800 million over four years to help kids in special education programs.

SRC On Air: Sen. Curtis King on KONA Radio in the Tri Cities

By tracyellis | Published on March 23, 2023

Sen. Curtis King talks with KONA Radio’s The Bottom Line about the proposed Senate Budget, police pursuits, hard drug possession, and a bill that could remove parents from the health care decision-making process for their kids.

AUDIO: Republican budget leaders encouraged by ‘inclusive’ Senate operating-budget proposal

By tracyellis | Published on 

No new taxes and investments in things like public safety and education have some Republicans applauding a proposed state budget from Senate Democrats.

Tracy Ellis reports.

AUDIO: Drop in state revenue forecast highlights need for cautious approach in new state budget

By tracyellis | Published on March 20, 2023

A drop in state revenue highlights need for a cautious approach in the new state budget according to the lead Senate Republican budget writer.

Kimberly Wirtz reports.

VIDEO: TVW: Inside Olympia, featuring Senate Republican budget lead Lynda Wilson

By tracyellis | Published on January 13, 2023

The 2023 Washington State Legislature must craft an operating budget to pay for state services. What are the key priorities for this year’s budget debate? Host Austin Jenkins sits down with Sen. Lynda Wilson, the ranking Republican on the Senate Ways & Means committee.