Senate Republican Caucus announces 2018 committee appointments

Nov 28, 2017

 The Senate Republican Caucus today announced its appointments to the 2018 Senate committees.


“Our members are anxious to get the session started and will continue to serve everyone in Washington with dedication and integrity,” said Senate Republican Leader Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville.


“I’m always proud and impressed by their level of commitment when tackling important issues. The 2018 legislative session will be no different.”


Senators are listed with the ranking member first and then in alphabetical order. Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Potlatch, continues to caucus with the Senate Republicans and is included below.


  • Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks: Judy Warnick and Sen. Jim Honeyford
  • Economic Development & Trade: Sharon Brown and the successor in 39th Legislative District
  • Early Learning & K-12 Education: Hans Zeiger, Sen. Brad Hawkins, Sen. Mike Padden and Sen. Ann Rivers
  • Energy, Environment, Technology: Doug Ericksen, Sen. Sharon Brown, Sen. Brad Hawkins and Sen. Tim Sheldon
  • Financial Institutions & Insurance: Jan Angel, Sen. Michael Baumgartner and Sen. Phil Fortunato
  • Health & Long Term Care: Ann Rivers, Sen. Barbara Bailey, Sen. Randi Becker and Sen. Joe Fain
  • Higher Education & Workforce Development: Brad Hawkins, Sen. Doug Ericksen, Sen. Mark Miloscia and Sen. Shelly Short
  • Human Services & Corrections: Steve O’Ban, Sen. Mark Miloscia and Sen. Maureen Walsh
  • Labor & Commerce: Michael Baumgartner, Sen. John Braun, Sen. Curtis King and Sen. Lynda Wilson
  • Law & Justice: Mike Padden, Sen. Jan Angel and Sen. Lynda Wilson
  • Local Government: Shelly Short and Sen. Jan Angel
  • State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections: Mark Miloscia and Sen. Hans Zeiger
  • Transportation: Curtis King, Sen. Phil Fortunato, Sen. Steve O’Ban, Sen. Tim Sheldon, Sen. Maureen Walsh and Sen. Hans Zeiger
  • Ways & Means: John Braun, Sen. Jim Honeyford, Sen. Barbara Bailey, Sen. Randi Becker, Sen. Sharon Brown, Sen. Joe Fain, Sen. Ann Rivers, Sen. Mark Schoesler, Sen. Judy Warnick and the successor in the 39th Legislative District
  • Rules: Mark Schoesler, Sen. Barbara Bailey, Sen. Randi Becker, Sen. Joe Fain, Sen. Curtis King and Sen. Tim Sheldon



The 2018 leadership team for the Senate Republican Caucus is:


  • Leader: Sen. Mark Schoesler
  • Deputy Leader: Sen. Sharon Brown
  • Caucus Chair: Sen. Randi Becker
  • Vice Caucus Chair: Sen. Judy Warnick
  • Floor Leader: Sen. Joe Fain
  • Assistant Floor Leader: Sen. Brad Hawkins
  • Whip: Sen. Barbara Bailey
  • Assistant Whip: Sen. Maureen Walsh