Republican legislators ask Sec. of State, Attorney General to investigate reported incidents of intimidation

Jul 27, 2023

July 27, 2023

Secretary of State Steve Hobbs
Legislative Building
416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW
Olympia, WA 98501

Attorney General Bob Ferguson
1125 Washington Street SE
Olympia, WA 98504


Dear Secretary Hobbs and Attorney General Ferguson:

We write with great concern about a potential threat to the integrity of the democratic process here in
Washington – specifically, activities to hinder Washington citizens attempting to sign referenda

Brandi Kruse, a well-known and highly respected political reporter, recently wrote to Secretary Hobbs
to express her concern about these reported actions. In her letter, she details several incidents that
appear to be illegal as per RCW 29A.84.250(4), which states.

“Every person is guilty of a gross misdemeanor who… (4) Interferes with or attempts to interfere with
the right of any voter to sign or not to sign an initiative or referendum petition or with the right to vote
for or against an initiative or referendum measure by threats, intimidation, or any other corrupt means
or practice.”

As the Secretary of State’s Office has the duty to protect the sanctity of our elections, and it is the
prime responsibility of the Attorney General’s Office to defend state law, we request that you
investigate those who are reportedly involved in organizing and carrying out the incidents described by
Ms. Kruse.

This letter was prepared using state resources. It in no way endorses or encourages any particular
referenda. Its sole purpose is to encourage a thorough and nonpartisan investigation of potentially
illegal activity to interfere with the people’s power of referendum through harassment and intimidation.
Washington has a proud history of participatory democracy, and we are deeply concerned about threats
to our state’s democratic process – especially when those threats appear to be based on ideology or
partisanship. We hope you will give this matter the serious consideration it deserves.


Senator John Braun (LD 20)
Senate Republican Leader

Representative Drew Stokesbary (LD 31)
House Republican Leader



Also signed onto the letter:

Senator Judy Warnick (LD 13)

Rep. Paul Harris (LD 17)

Senator Shelly Short (LD 7)

Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber (LD 7)

Senator Keith Wagoner (LD 39)

Rep. Dan Griffey (LD 35)

Senator Chris Gildon (LD 25)

Rep. Mike Steele (LD 12)

Senator Ron Muzzall (LD 10)

Rep. Kelly Chambers (LD 25)

Rep. Eric Robertson (LD 31)

Senator Nikki Torres (LD 15)

Rep. Peter Abbarno (LD 20)

Rep. Chris Corry (LD 14)

Senator Perry Dozier (LD 16)

Rep. Suzanne Schmidt (LD 4)

Senator Matt Boehnke (LD 8)

Rep. Andrew Barkis (LD 2)

Rep. Stephanie Barnard (LD 8)

Senator Phil Fortunato (LD 31)

Rep. Bruce Chandler (LD 15)

Rep. Leonard Christian (LD 4)

Rep. Michelle Caldier (LD 26)

Rep. Travis Couture (LD 35)

Rep. Tom Dent (LD 13)

Senator Jeff Holy (LS 6)

Rep. Carolyn Eslick (LD 39)

Rep Keith Goehner (LD 12)

Senator Drew MacEwen (LD 35)

Rep. Jenny Graham (LD 6)

Rep. Mary Dye (LD 9)

Senator Mike Padden (LD 4)

Rep. Spencer Hutchins (LD 26)

Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen (LD 25)

Senator Ann Rivers (LD 18)

Rep. Mark Klicker (LD 16)

Rep. Joel Kretz (LD 7)

Rep. Sam Low (LD 39)

Senator Mark Schoesler (LD 9)

Rep Stephanie McClintock (LD 18)

Rep. Joel McEntire (LD 19)

Rep. Gina Mosbrucker (LD 14)

Senator Jeff Wilson (LD 19)

Rep. Ed Orcutt (LD 20)

Rep. Bryan Sandlin (LD 15)

Rep. Joe Schmick (LD 9)

Rep. Alex Ybarra (LD 13)

Senator Curtis King (LD 14)

Senator Lynda Wilson (LD 17)

Rep. Mike Volz (LD 6)

Rep. Jim Walsh (LD 19)

Rep. Kevin Waters (LD 17)

Rep. Skyler Rude (LD 16)

Senator Jim McCune (LD 2)