Legislative Republicans support ban to prohibit a personal income tax

Jan 25, 2024

Click here for a timeline of the 11 voter rejections of an income tax in Washington state. 

OLYMPIASenate Republican Leader John Braun, R-Centralia, and House Republican Leader Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, released the following statement in response to the certification of I-2111, which would enact a ban that would prohibit any level of government from imposing an income tax on the people. Voters have overwhelmingly rejected an income tax 11 times, including once in an advisory vote.

“Our state has an affordability crisis. The last thing Washingtonians need is a new income tax. The people of our state have also rejected an income tax at the ballot box 11 times. Honor the will of voters. Listen to the people. This initiative is popular, provides clear assurances for the future, and is good for individuals and families. Republicans fully support it.

“Our state constitution states that initiatives should be a top priority, higher than anything else but the budget. Majority Democrats should give this initiative, and all others before the Legislature this year, a hearing. It’s our constitutional duty.”

 “Such initiative measure shall take precedence over all other measures in the legislature except appropriation bills.” Amendment 7 Article 2 Section 1

  • Washington is currently one of nine states without an income tax.
  • Income taxes are highly volatile – plummeting during a recession or when the state’s highest earners move out of state.
  • The volatility of income taxes motivates government to expand it to affect more than just the rich.
  • An income tax is unconstitutional. I-2111 enshrines the will of the people.
  • Republicans respect the will of the people, oppose an income tax, and support I-2111.