This must have been the week for calls from people who were transferred to my Senate office by “robo-calls”.

One wave of callers seemed to be prompted by a robo-call about money for state lands and public-recreation projects. The funding is in the proposed capital budget, which should be approved soon after we agree on a permanent remedy to the restrictions on water access stemming from the Hirst decision.

Those callers included one who told my staff that a proper Hirst fix is more important than money for recreation areas. I’ll bet his response (which used much stronger language) is not what the robo-call promoters had in mind.

The robo-calls went beyond the capital budget, because a caller named Jay left this message:

“I just got a…I think it was a robo-call…asking me to contact this office to encourage the legislator to do all the things that are [audible sigh] important to protecting our resources and taking care of our people and managing the budget in a way that prevents the kind of destruction that Donald Trump seems to want to foment on us innocent people. Anyhow, I don’t need a call back, I just wanted to express myself. Thank you.”

Obviously, Jay is no fan of the president. But he said his piece in a courteous, calm, almost bored voice – no shouting, no spewing. What a contrast to the ranting and criminal behavior that so many choose these days to express their views, like the disgusting rhetoric and acts of violence from racists who descend on places like Charlottesville to push their offensive ideas.

If Jay had left his number, I could have called and explained some of the major accomplishments the Legislature has racked up since (and because) our coalition began leading the Senate in 2013. There’s no question that we have done much to protect resources (especially taxpayer resources), look after the needs of Washington residents and manage budget after budget in a productive way.

Having a politically divided Legislature has made for some contentious, drawn-out sessions, but I’d invite Jay and others to compare our record to the other Washington. It’s encouraging.