Braun to Inslee: “Do your job or go home”

Mar 31, 2023

Gov. Inslee proposed a $4 billion housing plan and he’s critical of the Senate operating budget proposal because it spends $400 million. The governor likes to use a clever tag line for his approach, saying, “We need to go big so people can go home.”

What the governor doesn’t say is that the $4 billion would be paid for by exceeding the state’s debt limit, and would result in taxpayers having to pay $2.4 billion in interest.

In this week’s Republican media availability, Sen. Braun was asked to address the governor’s criticism. Simply put, Sen. Braun told Gov. Jay Inslee, “Do your job or go home!”

The governor’s plan relies on an unreasonable request and a slogan. But what else can we expect from a leader under whose watch we have seen one gubernatorial and executive agency failure after another. The lowlights:

During his time in the governor’s office, Republicans held the majority in the Senate for five years. We have not held the majority in the Legislature. These failures fall squarely at his feet.