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SRC On Air: Sen. Mike Padden on The Commute with Carlson on KVI Radio

By tracyellis | Published on September 16, 2021
Sen. Mike Padden

Senator Mike Padden talks to John Carlson on KVI about an effort by Washington lawmakers to empty prison cells and return convicted felons to the street and how it’s creating new public safety risks across the state.

Senate report sounds alarm about effort to empty prisons, return felons to the street

By tracyellis | Published on 

Three Senators held a news conference to release “PRISON ALARM BELLS: Five Years of Failure at the Department of Corrections – and What Washington Can Do About It.”

AUDIO: Ericksen renews call for hearing on Custer derailment after two convicted in rail-sabotage case

By tracyellis | Published on September 14, 2021

A state Senator is renewing his call for legislative hearings into possible sabotage in a Whatcom County train derailment.

Tracy Ellis reports.

SRC On Air: Sen. Brad Hawkins on The Agenda on KPQ Radio

By tracyellis | Published on September 13, 2021

Sen. Brad Hawkins discusses his annual listening tour, his COVID vaccine survey, emergency gubernatorial powers, a long-term care payroll tax, banning the use of credit scores in setting insurance rates, and more on The Agenda on KPQ Radio.

AUDIO: Senate ag leaders say COVID vaccine mandate for 4-H volunteers serious blow to program

By tracyellis | Published on 

AUDIO: More and more people vaguely connected to state government are discovering they’re subject to the Governor’s vaccine mandate – even 4-H volunteers.

Tracy Ellis explains.