Democrat Cap-and-Tax Act too costly

Cap-and-tax scheme pushes Washington gas prices to highest in nation

What you should know:

  • Certain industries in Washington are subject to a statewide cap on carbon pollution. To cover their emissions, they’re required to purchase allowances
  • The Climate Commitment Act, approved by Democrat majorities in the Legislature in 2021, is taking hundreds of millions of dollars out of drivers’ wallets and handing it over to state agencies
  • The law functions as a gas tax while doing nothing to improve the state’s roads
  • The high gas prices are harming low- and middle-income Washington families, especially those in rural areas


Elephant in the Dome Podcast – Republicans: Democrat cap-and-trade real reason for high gas prices… Governor Jay Inslee and Democratic legislators are blaming oil companies for the highest gas prices in the nation, but Senate Republicans and most experts say the Democrats’ cap-and-trade program is the real reason why Washington gas is so expensive. Senators John Braun, Curtis King and Drew MacEwen talk about it.

Latest carbon allowance auction:

  • At the August 30 carbon allowance auction the price for a Washington allowance was $63.03, up from $56.01 in the May auction
  • It is estimated that the new allowance price translates to an additional charge of 51 cents a gallon at the pump
  • The report from the state Department of Ecology’s August 30 auction can be viewed here

Elephant in the Dome Podcast – Gas-price hikes from the latest cap-and-trade auctions are sure to hurt drivers and all consumers even more. Senator Curtis King, the Republican leader on the Senate Transportation Committee, talks about it.


  • Governor Inslee defended the scheme by claiming any effect on gas prices would be ‘minimal’ or ‘pennies’
  • The Democrats’ cry of corporate “price gouging” isn’t a logical claim when you set gas taxes aside and see Washington’s gas cost is 35 cents more than Oregon and 89 cents more than Idaho. It looks more like GOVERNMENT GREED and GOVERNMENT GOUGING.
  • Republicans proposed a temporary suspension of the state gas tax in 2022 and 2023, which would have immediately saved families and employers 49.4 cents per gallon
  • Republicans say the excessive financial windfall from the cap-and-tax policy should be used to address the affordability crisis facing the state’s homeowners and renters

Elephant in the Dome Podcast – Should Proceeds from the Democrat’s cap-and-tax scheme that’s causing gas prices to soar be used to help people struggling with high housing and car-tab costs? Senate Republican Leader John Braun thinks so.