People have lost trust in state government and our education system.

“We’re seeing an erosion of the public trust in our education system, the Employment Security Department and the Department of Corrections,” said Senate Republican Floor Leader Shelly Short, R-Addy. “Parents want school choice, but they get accused of undermining public education. They want input in what their children are learning, but they get accused of being terrorists for voicing their concerns. We need more local control of our schools and we need to empower parents to be part of our solutions.”

“Taxpayers were defrauded of hundreds of millions of dollars through the mishandling of funds that were intended to help Washingtonians feed their families and keep a roof over their heads during the shutdowns,” said Senate Republican Whip Keith Wagoner, R-Sedro Wooley. “And we’re still being ruled by an autocratic governor who refuses to relinquish his emergency powers after nearly 700 days. This isn’t how representative government is supposed to work.”

We will fight to:

  • Expand local control in education (SB 5601 [Short])
  • Protect school choice and parents’ rights (SB 5205 [Schoesler])
  • Empower people via The Balance Act: Require all gubernatorial orders issued during a declared state of emergency to be subject to legislative approval after 30 days (SB 5039 [L. Wilson])