Despite a $15 billion surplus, less than 20% of which is “one-time” money,
Democrats failed to propose meaningful tax relief


“Senate majority has no excuse for lack of tax relief in spending proposal, says Republican budget leader”



From Sen. Lynda Wilson, 17th Legislative District, and Senate Republican budget lead:

“This budget offered no direct financial relief for our state’s families when the Senate majority passed it less than two weeks ago. It’s gotten worse since then, as impossible as that sounds. The compromise adopted in the Senate and House today doesn’t even offer the free entry to state parks and fairs that the Democrats had been dangling in front of families.

“Inflation at a 40-year high, gas prices are rising to historic levels, and the majority is tapping the state’s 15-billion-dollar surplus to support a tax break for… the motion-picture industry. The budget adopted today adds five billion dollars in spending to the base budget passed last year, which is unheard of, yet there is zero inflationary or tax relief for the average Washington family.

“Our proposals for temporary, immediate gas-tax relief and permanent property-tax relief never received serious consideration. The Republican bill to make diapers tax-free had bipartisan sponsorship and was passed in the Senate just last week, but the Democrats said no to using a tiny fraction of the surplus to make that tax exemption a part of the budget. These are things the people of our state should remember when they wonder whose side the majority is on.

“The majority claims this budget offers ‘strategic’ relief. Far too many Washington families are going to find they simply don’t fit into the Democrats’ strategy. Our colleagues act like all those extra billions belong to them, and are refusing to let families keep more of their own money. The lesson here is, when Democrats control the purse strings government is always going to come out ahead.”


The Senate majority has ZERO excuses for avoiding tax relief. With our budget surplus up to a whopping $15 billion,
the majority has 15 billion reasons to provide inflation/tax relief…NOW.

Republicans and Democrats have very different visions about how to manage taxpayer dollars, and the majority’s new proposal proves it.
Republicans look at surplus and see opportunity to support WA families and employers through meaningful relief from taxes/inflation; our D colleagues
see surplus as another chance to make government larger. While Democrats act like they found a bag full of money and aren’t stopping to think that maybe
it isn’t ALL theirs to spend, however they want.

Will there EVER be enough money for Democrats to think it’s a good time to let taxpayers keep more of their own money?

Democrats prove again that, when given the choice between government and taxpayers, they make sure the government comes out ahead.
There are 21 items in the budget costing at least $100 million each, or more, including a bump to the governor’s slush fund.

Republicans want a return to affordability.

The $15 billion surplus presents a golden opportunity for the Legislature to offer relief from taxes and inflation when they need it most.
Washington residents, especially middle-income, are looking for support among rising prices for gas, food,
housing and electricity, and the economic struggles brought on by the pandemic.
State government can easily afford to let people keep more of their own money without cutting a single service or program.

Our Senate Bill 5769 would provide progressive property-tax relief AND support good family-wage jobs with tax relief for manufacturing.
But the majority is saying no to any inflation/tax relief, in spite of a huge surplus. At the same time,
the budget is weak on restoring public safety and even weaker on rebuilding public trust.

“We out to be thinking of the working people in the middle who are getting squeezed by inflation.” – Sen. John Braun




2022 Supplemental Operating Budget
(As passed by the Legislature)


2022 Supplemental Capital Budget
(As passed by the Legislature)



2022 Supplemental Transportation Budget
(As passed by the Legislature)



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